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1. How does booking a beverage service work?

We are here to make providing a beverage service to your guests easy! The first step in booking a beverage service with BayShore Bar Services is to select your package.  You can check out our beverage services HERE .

Once you know what you want to serve at your event, we will discuss all the details and answer any questions you may have. Then BayShore will write up your contract and a 20% deposit is required on acceptance of the contract to book your date. Your final payment will be due 30 days prior to the event date.


About four weeks before your event, we will contact you to discuss final guest count and provide you with a shopping list with our suggested alcohol quantities for you to purchase at the liquor store of your choice. 

On the day of your event we will show up to the venue two to three hours prior to the start time to set up and make sure all the beverages are chilled and bar is set up and ready for service. Now it's time to CELEBRATE!

2. Do you provide the alcohol?

No. We do not have a liquor license and therefore do not provide alcohol. We will work with you to create a beverage menu and consult you on exactly what and how much to purchase. 

3. What can we serve at our event?

Anything you want! We set up our packages so that you can design an event that is perfectly you! Pick the package that most suits your needs and we will create a menu that is all about you! We will discuss what flavors and styles you like and make menu suggestions based on YOU!

4. Do we need to use your beverage service with a rental?

No! If your venue or catering company provides bar and beverage service, their staff can work out of one of our trailers or behind one of our bars! We will send an attendant, if needed, to help with set up and clean up.

5. Do you ONLY provide service with a Horse Trailer Mobile Bar?

No! We provide beverage service with or without one of our many rentals! Check out our beverage service packages without a rental HERE.


6. What are the service times? 

When you book BayShore Bar Services for your event, you book us for the entire day. We will arrive to your venue well before the event starts to make sure we are ready before your guests arrive. In our packages we quote a four hour service to reflect the max amount of service time.  We are happy to provide more service time at $150 an hour, but will not reduce the package fee for less time.

7. What do you bring? 

In the Alcohol Purchasing Guide we send, you will not only receive a list of alcohol to purchase, you will receive a list of exactly what we plan to bring with us. The supplies we bring is for bar use only unless otherwise discussed.  It is super important you review this list and let us know if something is incorrect as we use this as our checklist for your event.


Here is a basic list of what we bring:

• a ton of ice and coolers

• napkins, straws & disposable cups

• bartender(s) and bar tools

• non alcoholic beverages (a selection of four sodas and water)​

• stock mixers of cranberry, orange, pineapple juices, sour mix, club soda, tonic water, diet tonic, lime juice, simple syrup (when booked the All In Package)

• stock fruit for garnish (lemons, limes, oranges, cherries)

• professionally designed bar menu for display (on request)

• decor to spruce up the bar (discussed beforehand)

• Liquor Liability and General Liability Insurance

• bar rentals (if rented)

8. What is a Specialty Ingredient

We consider a Specialty Ingredient to be any ingredient that we do not carry in our stock mixer or garnish packages (see above).  If your cocktails need an ingredient not included in our stock packages, there will be an at cost additional charge.  You are also free to provide your own specialty ingredients.

9. What size liquor bottles should we purchase? 

For quick and efficient service, we ask that you purchase 750 mL bottles. Our Alcohol Purchasing Guides are based off of 750 mL liquor and wine bottles.

10. Do you only service weddings? 

NO! We service all kinds of events! You can also rent one of our custom bars without our beverage service. Local business? Rent one of our bars for your next event.

11. Do you reduce the price for guests that do not drink alcohol? 

No.  We are a dry bar, meaning we do not provide alcohol. We bring all the cups, ice, straws, and non alcoholic beverages (sodas and water) which will be consumed by your guests who do not drink alcohol.  They will also be standing in the line wanting service from one of our bartenders.  Therefore, we need to know exactly how many guests total will be attending your event so we know how much supplies to bring and how many bartenders to staff.  Please still tell us how many guests do not drink because we will take that into consideration when we create your Alcohol Purchasing Guide.

12. In regards to gratuity:

Tip jars can be removed for a gratuity agreed upon by both parties.

13. Why should I choose BayShore Bar Services? 

Not only do we have YEARS and YEARS of experience in bartending and bar management, we promise to go above and beyond to make sure your event is EVERYTHING you want it to be and more.  Our bar staff is experienced and can handle even the thirstiest of crowds! We (mostly Whitney) may ask too many questions, but it is because we want to make sure that no detail is left unturned.

14. What venues do you service? 

We service over 100 events a year so there aren't many venues on the Eastern Shore we haven't visited.  We will provide beverage service to any venue that allows the host to provide their own alcohol. Venues in Delaware will either need to have a Bottle Club License or be a Non Profit Organization.


Our most frequented venues are the following:

  • Wildflower Estate, Mardela, MD

  • Castle Farm, Snow Hill, MD

  • Breckenridge Barn, Linkwood, MD

  • Brooklyn Meadows, Berlin, MD

  • Indian River Life Saving Museum, Rehoboth Beach, DE

15. How far will you travel? 

In our busiest of months (May, June, September & October) we for the most part stay on the Eastern Shore of Maryland and Delaware (no more than 40 minutes from Ocean City, MD in any direction).  In the months of March, April, July and August we are more willing to travel (no more than 2 hours from Ocean City, MD) for a fee.


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